From the Publication Volunteers from Eire who have won Distinctions while serving with the British Forces:

[From Medal Recommendation:]

“[2727731 Guardsman Denis HICKEY, 1st Bn IRISH GUARDS

24th Guards Brigade, 1st British Division, V Corps

Pt 212, 27th - 30th April '43]”

“Guardsman Denis Hickey, Irish Guards, was awarded the Military Medal.

Guardsman HICKEY was a stretcher bearer in No. 1 Company.  During an attack on April 27, across the open in daylight, he continually exposed himself and remained out in the open under the heaviest mortar fire rescuing and tending the wounded.

On reaching the place being attacked, he brought back to battalion headquarters his Company Commander, who was badly wounded, and promptly returned to the cornfields where he worked all night collecting casualties.

He rejoined the battalion in the early hours of April 28, and throughout the following two days his services as a stretcher bearer were invaluable.  When the enemy fire was heavy and all other men were in slit trenches, he was out in the open tending the wounded and carrying them to places of safety.  After each counter-attack he went forward over the top to bring back the wounded.

On Friday morning, April 30, he was helping a wounded man down the hill to comparative safety.  He saw a badly wounded man of the LOYAL REGIMENT, and after putting his first charge in safety he went to tend this wounded man.  While bandaging this man, he was himself hit and so badly wounded that his leg was subsequently amputated. 

He was brought in among the rest of the casualties, and there he continued in spite of his own great pain to look after the other men and to encourage them by his cheerfulness.

Guardsman HICKEY comes from CORK.


I strongly recommend that this Guardsman be awarded the M.M.

Signed C.S. M-D-SCOTT, Lt Col., 1st Bn IRISH GUARDS]”

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Sources: TNA; The Times


WO 373/2-ir807


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