From medal recommendation:

“2721275 Corporal, Acting Serjeant Stanley GARLAND, 2nd Armoured Battalion IRISH GUARDS

During the attack on HOUSSENAGNE on 11 August 1944 Sergeant GARLAND was in command of a Troop of tanks in support of 1st Battalion Welsh Guards.

On reaching the objective he saw that the tank of the Squadron 2nd Battalion Irish Guards had been hit by an enemy anti-tank gun.  Sergeant GARLAND at once moved forward to engage the enemy gun and protect the crew of the damaged tank.  To do so, he had to move into a most exposed position.  Almost at once, his own tank was hit and rendered incapable of movement.

Despite this, Sergeant GARLAND and his crew remained in the tank and continued to engage the enemy.  It was not until he had expended all his ammunition that the ordered his crew to withdraw, covering their withdrawal himself with smoke.

During the whole of this action this NCO displayed outstanding courage and determination and there is no doubt that his resolute action materially affected the course of the battle.”

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Sources: TNA