From the Publication Volunteers from Eire who have won Distinctions while serving with the British Forces:

“Sergeant Joseph Dunne, Irish Guards, was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

On January 26th, 1944, this NCO was in command of a platoon which held the left flank of the battalion's position at CARACETO.  About 8 a.m. a strong German counter-attack was put in.  One other platoon was overrun and two anti-tank guns and a machine-gun were knocked out, leaving this platoon's position completely exposed to high explosive and small-arms fire of the enemy tanks.

In spite of this heavy fire Sergeant DUNNE reorganised his position at once and beat off two determined German infantry attacks, showing complete disregard for the heavy covering fire given by the tanks.

In the night attack of January 29/30, 1944, this NCO lead his platoon with the highest skill and determination.  When his platoon was held up by a fixed line machine-gun he dashed forward and destroyed the enemy post single-handed, killing the two Germans who were manning it.  The following morning the company, supported by American tank destroyers, carried out an offensive sweep to clear the ridge on the left flank of the brigade salient of enemy machine-guns and snipers.  During this operation Sergeant DUNNE led his platoon with the greatest efficiency and courage, destroying three enemy posts with no losses. 

On the morning of January 31, Sergeant DUNNE located a German sniper's nest.  Armed with a rifle, he stalked this nest and killed five of the six occupants during the morning.  Later in the afternoon he completed the job by killing the remaining sniper who had taken refuge in VALLSELATA farm. 

On the night of February 3/4, this Sergeant was with his company when it was overrun by a battalion of the enemy.  Despite being wounded he fought his way back to his own lines.

This NCO's record for skill, determination, marksmanship and personal courage during the whole of the battalion's action in the ANZIO bridgehead was of the highest order.

Sergeant DUNNE comes from TULLAMORE.”

Sergeant Joseph Dunne was a Prisoner of war in Stalag 7a. His PoW number was 130447. There may be a questionnaire held in the archives at Kew.

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